Name.Space Privacy.Policy

All information submitted during the course of transactions with Name.Space is considered confidential unless agreed to otherwise in advance by persons submitting their data.

Only information required for proper technical functioning of the DNS will be made publicly available.

Registrants may choose not to have their personal information listed in public whois.

Technical contact information will be listed in the public whois.

Our database is not for sale to any third parties.

No private information in our database will be disclosed to any third parties, including law enforcement, without due legal process.

We do not use cookies or other means to track your net usage beyond our site.

Accesses to our servers are logged and all transactions are logged for internal security and systems performance reasons, for internal sales performance ratings, to assess traffic demands and trends, and for internal use only. Specific information contained in our log files is never disclosed to any third parties.

Registrants are encouraged to use encryption when sending email, and to register their public key with us when registering their domian name. This is to authenticate and verify a registrant's identity related to their domain, to protect against unauthorized modifications to the domain, or hijacking. Information related to registrant and public key are kept confidential unless otherwise requested by registrant, or unless compelled by due legal process.

Name.Space may use information submitted by you to contact you regarding your account, billing and renewal status, and to notify you of any legal process pertaining to your domain name.